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I did not know what to expect when I agreed to participate in the Just 1 Day Mexico Creation Care and Hospitality event. 

It’s not often that I have the opportunity to venture out of the city, so I was excited about the experience. It was an honour to be invited, and I came with an open mind, heart, and body. Just 1 Day was a wonderful day of fellowship, learning, worship, and working the land. We had a great time bonding and getting to know one another at A Rocha. I appreciated that as soon as we arrived, we were made to feel so welcome.

We began the day together by being ushered into God's presence through worship in song and scripture reading. I am thankful for the gift of technology that made it possible for us to connect with Pete and Emily Johnson all the way from Rancho El Camino, Mexico.  

They taught us that anyone can be a host or a guest no matter your culture or socioeconomic status. They also taught us that it is a blessing to give as well as to receive. Through their ministry of hospitality, many children and families are blessed and communities are transformed.  

Another highlight of my day was when Rick Faw, a knowledgeable teacher on creation care and representative of A Rocha, came and shared with us. I learned that the concept of creation care stems from the understanding of Shalom, the fact that we are created to be in a unified relationship with God, others, and the rest of creation.  

It was my first time learning about hospitality and creation care in such depth. As I worked the land by harvesting zucchini, it instilled in me a new appreciation and respect for God’s creation. I got to experience food from farm to table as Adam and Eve did in The Garden. I felt so much more connected to the story of where my food comes from.

I highly recommend participation in the Just1Day event, to anyone seeking a retreat from their busy lives and desiring education in subjects not regularly explored in typical church or social settings. 

I left Just1Day feeling refreshed and empowered.

Learn more about A Rocha here

Participant: Linda Obiri-Darko

Spiritual Gifts & Passions: hospitality, food, faith, friendship, empathy, mercy, prayer, writer, liturgist, poet, artist