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While our team was in Cambodia last November, we had the joy of spending time with our friends at Precious Women.  Our Pastor of Family Ministries, Aisling led us all through a beautiful devotion and which led us to a memorable and precious time together.  We continue to be inspired by the courage and tenacity of Solida and the Precious Women team as they daily confront the evils of sexual exploitation in the power of Christ’s love.  Tenth has walked alongside Precious Women since 2016. Srey Pov’s story below show’s some of the scope of what Precious Women does.  

Srey Pov contacted Precious Women via Facebook in 2021. She was working at a karaoke bar and her life felt very empty then. Her parents divorced when she was in the second grade and her father passed away two years later. She had no money to go to school, so she went to the capital city and worked as a housekeeper for a year but quit and went back to her homeland. She married young but divorced due to her husband’s alcoholism and domestic abuse. She returned to Phnom Penh and started to work as a hostess at a karaoke bar. She did not like her work because she had to drink a lot of alcohol and sleep with customers. She met a man who seemed to love her and lived with her. They had a son together. But later, she found out that he had another family and had lied to her for many years. She broke up with him but her mother and siblings blamed her for her mistakes. One day she heard about Precious Women through the “Women’s Voice” live show and contacted us. She went through a year of counseling and now feels like she released many burdens. She is thankful that the Precious Women team valued her life and came alongside in her life’s journey when she was feeling desperate. Now she owns a small business to sell groceries at her house. We are grateful to have been able to support her and see the transformation in her life.

To learn more about what Tenth has been doing in Cambodia for the past 15 years, check this out

Picture above features Solida (Founder and Director of Precious Women) on the right during a 'Women's Voice' recording.