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Here is what some pilgrims from the last Holy Land pilgrimage had to say

"The pilgrimage was a time of spiritual renewal.  I feel like I am at a point of hunger and growing my faith further."

"The trip allowed me to build community, which was my goal.  Now, cultivating that community to help me grow is ideal."

"I’m learning to feel God in my heart and not only in my head.  I'm also understanding more of who God is and what his Word means."

"I’m looking to take the fire and motivation from the trip and harness it to grow my faith and closeness to God."

The Pilgrimage

Experience the shining Sea of Galilee where Jesus spoke peace not only to crashing waves but also to worried disciples – where He speaks to our hearts too! Climb the Mount of Beatitudes and hear His sermon about the blessed life – so you can shape yours to match, by the Holy Spirit.  Read about miracles and see where they happened in Capernaum. Sit silently in Gethsemane, hearing the echoes of Jesus’ words: Father, not my will but Yours be done. Enter the empty tomb! From His death came eternal life – yours and the whole world’s! It’s the path to freedom – and you’re invited! Come and see!

Led by Pastors Jade Holownia and Patrick Elaschuk, with Director Bronwyn Spilsbury and Guide Dr. Yossi Paz.

Dr. Yossi Paz, Bronwyn, Jade, and Patrick

Just before Christmas on December 17, a large group assembled at Regent College to hear Dr. Yossi Paz share about Israel and his expertise in archeology.  For many that will be going to the Holy Land in March, it was a sweet taste of what is to come.  

Bronwyn is a Tenth Kits attendee who has both pastored and led many trips to the Holy Land. Jade is the Pastor of Tenth - East Van, and Patrick is the Pastor of International Missions at Tenth. 

We look forward to YOU being with us!

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