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As we are now in Advent – a season of waiting for the arrival of what we know is coming, our refugee support team has also been in a season of waiting...

… waiting expectantly for the appointment of a newly created role of Program Manager to serve and to lead in this next chapter of the ministry. 

After posting, interviewing and much prayer and discernment with the Refugee Support volunteer leadership team, I am delighted to share with you that Helen Kim will be stepping into leadership as the new Refugee Support Program Manager!

A dedicated team of volunteers led by Mim Wickett and me have led refugee support since 2016. Together with our leadership team, we have been planning and preparing for a day when we could hire a dedicated staff person who wakes up every morning fully focused on welcoming newly arriving refugees and mobilizing the team.  A special thanks to Mim, Kristin and Rita who have carried so much for many years. 

Over the years, the Tenth Refugee Support ministry has grown in scope and purpose as a community that builds intentional, enduring relationships with refugee claimants. The community has grown exponentially over the last few years. Through this new role, we have an opportunity to deepen strategic partnerships and develop infrastructure within the ministry to ensure that we can continue this important work of welcoming and empowering refugee claimants for many years to come.

Helen currently serves as the Food Coordinator for Oasis Café at Tenth Church. She is also a Settlement Practitioner at S.U.C.C.E.S.S., where she helps clients settle into Canada by advising them on needs such as housing, employment, finance, and immigration. She assists Korean immigrants, as well as newcomers and refugees from other countries. Previously she was a lawyer in the corporate sector for 14 years and also worked for the Korean government and the United Nations. She grew up in Edmonton and has lived in Zimbabwe, Korea, and the US where she obtained a Master of Public Administration.

Helen will be actively supported by Mim, and the current volunteer team. It has been my joy and honour to serve Tenth as refugee support ministry has grown.  After a period of intentional mentorship, I will wind down my time with Refugee Support and resume my focus and passion within Global Missions at Tenth.  I will still hang around our newcomer/refugee community but in more of a supportive capacity. 

As Director of Missional Engagement, Debbie Hawker will be supervising and supporting the new Program Manager. 

Helen will be starting her new role on January 8, 2024!  Please join us in welcoming [and celebrating!] Helen in this new role!

Would you kindly pray for Helen as she makes this transition, and pray also for our newcomer community and volunteers to embrace this new season?

Together, Refugee Support at Tenth can grow deeper and more efficiently as we continue to serve together building upon this great foundation of love and sacrifice. 


Warm regards,

Patrick Elaschuk

Global Missions Pastor