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It is surreal to be in Cambodia! We have been in Phnom Penh for a weekend seeing the 1975-1979 Khmer Rouge genocide history and now we have spent 3 nights in Oudong Village 1.5 hours away. Michael and I have been staying with a family and we sleep on the 'main floor' of a traditional Khmai home while they stay below on the 'ground floor' where it is cooler for the 3 kids and mom.

I say it is surreal to be in Cambodia because I had doubts of how God could use me by coming here. Having been intentional on living and working in one place, getting to know it well and develop roots, the decision to catalyze creation care efforts in another place seemed insurmountable. How could a person foreign to the place share with the locals how to care for it?

What has been encouraging so far is that we have led 3 days of Creation Care devotionals with the Manna4Life team. We are sharing from the very beginning of the Bible, Genesis, how God created this good Creation and how people, created in His image, have the command to responsibly protect, use and live on this earth. We have touched on how issues in Cambodia of corruption and greed have lead to destruction of the land here, but we look forward to sharing in the next few days how the hope we have from Jesus' blood of peace and reconciliation, and how we and the groaning creation will eventually be redeemed.