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The icy freeze of the pandemic has begun to thaw and stories of hope and the love and power of Christ are beginning to emerge and shine brightly.

Recently one evening, in a slum community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a mother with two young daughters was backed into a corner and faced with a decision a mother should never have to make.

Forced out of her home, jobless, homeless, and starving, the decision to sell a child to a stranger in order to survive became reality in an instant.

Knowing the risk and that the likely outcome for her daughter would be a life of exploitation and abuse, yet also knowing she would be fed and alive - how could she make a decision like this?

Tragically, this is an all too real choice faced by many mothers and fathers every day in the world.

In this case, however, the outcome was not as expected.

Staff from an anti-human trafficking NGO, Extreme Love Ministries, in Phnom Penh recently converted projects into full-time disaster relief operations and are providing hundreds of meals to families who are starving, jobless, homeless, and left devastated by lockdowns in a nation with no support infrastructure.

With no welfare system, no CERB, and no social work support, tens of thousands of people are at higher risk than normal to be trafficked just to stay alive.

As this woman was staring at the face of evil, with an offer of money in exchange for her child on the table, Jesus moved in. The staff were able to intervene as the hands and feet of Jesus. A myriad of circumstances led them to this home and the Holy Spirit inspired them to help.

Jesus, seemingly out of nowhere, stepped in and provided for her and her daughters. Food, shelter, and best of all hope, arrived at this desperate mother’s feet. The Lord in His sovereignty rescued this young girl and her mother and her sister from the clutches of the evil one.

The 3 girls are now in a new home with food to eat and a place to rest safely.

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy and providence over these beautiful women.


Zak Kofinoff is a Tenth supported global worker with Extreme Love in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Zak has been on home assignment since January and can't wait to get back to Cambodia as soon as he is cleared.  

Zak will be hosting a trilogy of short films in our JUST 58 series. Register here