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A family of 6 recently arrived from Afghanistan is in urgent need of short time housing from now until June 1.  The family includes a grandma, mom, dad and 3 young kids. We have tried all the usual places including our networks, Airbnb, Craigslist and hotels (2 rooms cost over $6000 per month) etc. to no avail.  

If you know of any leads for a 2-bedroom space for the next 6 weeks, please let us know at or Mim Wickett at  at your earliest convenience.  

If you have any concerns about renting to a refugee claimant, read this.

PS  We are also looking for a 2 bedroom suite for June 1 for another Afghan family of 4.  

You are welcome to join us for prayer for our refugee ministry on Monday April 26.  Register here. 

Thank you.  


Picture credit Marco Tjokro @marcotjokro