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Food has a special way of bridging people from different languages and cultures.  

Last week, my wife Inneke and I, were drinking potent shots of coffee, eating snacks and thoroughly enjoying Lebanese / Syrian food in Lebanon.  We were visiting one of Tenth’s partners, FEAL, led by Pastor Joseph Najem.  Part of their work is welcoming and supporting some of the 1.8 million refugees in Lebanon through their high impact programs.  Lebanon has a total population of around 6 million to give you an idea of the refugee to citizen ratio.  We came away from our time in Lebanon rich with new relationships and a different perspective. 

You can experience new relationships with other folks including some of the refugees we have been walking with - over exceptional Middle Eastern food at Borders to Beginnings Saturday May 11th, at Tenth Church.

What you can expect: 

  • Live Syrian music
  • Middle Eastern feast by Tayybeh (growing entrepreneurial catering company for refugees)
  • Stories from newcomers to Canada
  • A rich experience of relationship
  • Tara’s famous baklava

I am sure you will come away from Borders to Beginnings rich with experiences, friends and a satisfied stomach! 

Get tickets here, and see you there!


Patrick Elaschuk

Pastor of International Missions

NOTE: The first picture of food was from our time in Lebanon, while the second picture is from a Syrian meal catered by Tayyheh at Tenth Church.