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Here are 5 items for your prayer consideration: 

  1. Hope House:  Pray for children at-risk of, and stuck in human trafficking.  Zak and Extreme Love team.  
  2. DOVE:   Pray for the ONYX program, students and leaders to become servant leaders. 
  3. Health and wellbeing:   Pray for Cambodians in the cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Batambang as well as those in more remote areas. 
  4. Tenth's vision for Cambodia:  Pray for God's dream of the harvest fields of Cambodia to become the healing fields, bringing hope to others. 
  5. Finances for Cambodia:  Over the past couple of years, funding for our Cambodia projects has dropped considerably.  Please pray that God will raise up new people to invest in the future of Cambodia through their financial resources. 

Upcoming corporate prayer times:

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