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I’ve have had some interesting things happen to me in Cambodia so far. Like walking through a road lined with people selling raw meat, fish, squid, etc. and a lady was smacking her chicken against the table to remove the flies. Well unfortunately we had walked by and some of the fluid from the fly infested chicken landed on me. Welcome to Cambodia.   

Today was the third day of English camp. Super groggy from the early wake up. We get ready and head out the door to the church. After we all eat breakfast we go down to meet the student which in my group are all older than me. So we sang some worship songs and people share their personal story to the students in the front and then I went up to tell a bible story which was Jesus walks on water.

Every day there is a different competition this time it was one teacher and one student went on the stage and had to chug a coke and this was at nine in the morning. So feeling a little sick we start our lesson Mia and I taught the orange team and the kids in our team are very smart and their English is also great. So not everyone at this English camp is Christian and in our group we are trying to make an effort to add things to our lessons to teach them about God.

Today we had them memorize the books of the bible and 2 non-believers in our group were able to each memorize them. It felt good to show the bible to the students like that but not force it. Pray for us to help connect more with students and spread the word of God more.

We go on an outing on each day and today we went out to the Russian market and did a scavenger hunt activity in our learning groups. The challenge was to get the items on the list but to try to get the best deal. So we ran around in the boiling hot and humid market looking for all sorts of things and letting the Khmer students do their thing getting us the best deal we could while we just stood back and watched.

It was so interesting seeing how the students interacted with the sellers as that is their way of life that’s how lots of them buy their things. It was very different from what I’m used to. After the competition was over we were free to roam around the market. So we went around with a couple of the students with us. All I can say about them is that they are sooo friendly just from helping me get a good deal to just talking with them. I have really grown on this trip so far if you know me I’m not the most outgoing person and fairly shy. But I have opened up and really stepped outside my comfort zone and been able to share a bible story in front of 45 students and I’ve been able to make lots of friends and converse and share my story to complete strangers.

So far my experience in Cambodia has been really great and the food had been really good the people are nice. Some prayer requests are to help me to share God with some of the other non-believers in our learning group and for sickness on our team.

Thank You, Ethan Cairns