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The foundation for any success in ending modern-day slavery and sexual exploitation is collaboration

This is why Helen Sworn founded the Chab Dai Coalition in Cambodia which has an increasingly global impact in ending slavery.  Tenth has walked alongside and learned from Helen and Chab Dai since 2006. 

I (Patrick - Global Pastor) had a zoom call with Helen this week to check in with her and hear more of what the rest of 2023 could look like for Chab Dai.  A few significant changes are in the air.  One being that Helen will be stepping away from her role with Chab Dai and entering into a Sabbatical and discernment season.  Please join Tenth as we support Helen in prayer in this important period in the lives of Helen, the Chab Dai leadership, staff, and local / global partners. 

Here is a Chab Dai update:

2023 has been business as usual for our committed and passionate team, whose day-to-day activities continue to be small incremental steps forward against human trafficking and modern slavery. The small incremental steps forward are what eventually lead us to our successes, however small these themselves may be - each a part of the bigger picture of how we confront the always-present risk of human trafficking and modern slavery in communities.  

The goal of our Community Heroes Prevention Project is that vulnerable families and communities are educated and aware of the dangers of human trafficking and sexual abuse, apply safe migration practices, and are empowered to protect one another.

A small success story from October last year tells exactly of this kind of empowerment. 

After attending an awareness-raising session with our Community Heroes, a community member shared her own family's story with us. 

Her husband migrated to Thailand to find work in 2017, but was tricked and forced to work on a fishing boat. He worked on the boat for 11 months without pay. Thankfully on one occasion when the boat broke down, he was able to escape and return home to Cambodia safely.  Our Community Heroes - who also select further families to pick up the Community Hero torch - asked if she wanted to share her experiences with other families. She had the opportunity to talk through her family’s experiences and express her feelings related to joining awareness-raising activities.

With the team's support, she went on to share and advise other family leaders to think and talk more before making the decision to migrate without legal documents, cautioning them about the risks to migrant workers. 

She appreciated being able to be a part of empowering her community, who, thanks to hearing first-hand about her husband’s experience have a greater understanding of their own vulnerability and how to protect themselves. This is just one of our success stories which we hope will inspire you to continue to follow and support our work in 2023. Thank you for joining hands with us, we look forward to building on our successes, to protect and empower as many more as we can! 

Here are a few ways to get involved:

NOTE: Picture is Chab Dai staff in Cambodia