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As you know, Cambodia is part of our central missions focus.  Over the past 9 years, we have walked alongside our lead partners and have seen young people turn into leaders, unity and capacity built into churches, children protected from traffickers, new innovative organizations spring up to protect children, informative research and the list goes on.  

Many people are asking, so Cambodia – whats Next? As amazing has the past 9 years have been which have fueled by the enthusiasm, prayer and participation of so many of you, we believe that there is still a lot more for us to do in walking alongside our friends and partners.

One way of updating you is to present some updates, videos, reports on February 12th at 7pm in the Upper East Hall. We will also be rolling out some upcoming trip dates and strategies as well as connect in small groups around topics that are important to us.   

Alongsiders: Alongsiders Academy has just begun! … and the campsite is closer to becoming a reality.  

Manna4Life: It is the first year that the Mango Tree School has been open thanks to Manna4Life and though many of the children have come from schools where teaching was "inadequate", with the help of the Mango Tree Learning Centre and Summer School, we are praying that the children will begin to excel in their education.

DOVE:  Dove has been doing wonders in the classroom! Children have been able to access the resources necessary to learn english, participate in sporting teams and learning how to play different instruments not easily accessible. Currently the english classes are held every weekday with about 40 students attending regularly.


Chab Dai: With many members actively involved, Chab Dai has been equipping their leaders with the help of researchers, lawyers, etc., in hopes that their wisdom can assist in guiding how to best use their resources.

Asian Outreach:

Since the beginning of AOC, they have moved from being a relief organization to one of development. They have neem recognized as significant contributors to fulfilling government plans to improve education, water and sanitation, and agriculture. They have big plans for 2016 and believe the best is yet to come!