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Those that God used in the past were just ordinary people with an extraordinary Master. They were not all champions of great faith, but little people who saw their own need, and put their small faith in a great God.  Winkie Pratney

We all experienced wonder as Alongsiders and leaders converged at Shalom Valley in Cambodia, realizing that the movement is built on ordinary people putting their small faith in a great God.

3 in 1:  I facilitated 1 team, functioning in 3 parts

1. Business is Mission Highlights - led by Ana and Roger

  • Village Works Just Bags designs, capacity building / coaching and creating a retail space
  • Training for entrepreneurs with Lee Stockburger
  • Planning next years Business is Mission summit with strategic Cambodian leaders

2.  Film Team Overview - led by Joel and Kara

  • Traipsing around the city creating Tenth films for DOVE, Alongsiders, Village Works and Tenth Global.
  • Capturing some meaningful stories from Cambodian and next generation leaders.
  • Teaching a couple of eager Cambodians in filming.  

3. Alongsiders Insights - led by Lee

  • Celebrating 10 years of Alongsiders International with leaders, donors, board and staff.
  • Dedicating a bungalow at Shalom Valley for former Alongsiders Canada Chair and former Tenth Missions Pastor, Linda Gotts, who went to be with Jesus 2 years ago.
  • Experiencing an Alongsiders Camp at Shalom Valley with 160 Alongsiders with their little brothers and sisters.

There are so many stories to share from all our partners including our own Kevin and Leakhena Knight with Manna4Life and Zak and Andrea Koftinoff with Extreme Love.  Keep reading Global News over the upcoming months to be encouraged by what God is doing making disciples of all nations.

What’s next?

  • Creating and rolling out a 3-year sustainability plan with key partners
  • Rolling out Cambodia and film events in the new year
  • Creating Just1Day Cambodia experiences in the summer
  • Returning to Cambodia with a Justice Journey in November 2024

Should Cambodia be striking a responsive chord in your soul and spirit, let me know and let’s have a chat about it. Email me at

NOTE: Picture above is from a training session for Alongsiders and partner ministries, facilitated by Lee