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We are happy to share our latest update in Tenth's Refugee ministry.  


We are grateful for the return to health for the mother of one of our refugees. Last week she was comatose in an ICU in Afghanistan in need of blood transfusions, and the family was responsible for recruiting donors. In a lovely gesture, the first blood donors were the family members of another Tenth-supported refugee, previously unknown to one another. They also arrived at the hospital with enough nourishing food for a number of the other patients and families.


The Ride for Refuge is this weekend, and it will be a personal accomplishment for one of our refugees who learned to ride a bike this summer and now is undertaking a 10K ride for a cause she feels passionate about - refugee support! Consider donating to Naz N to encourage her in this major challenge.


Our family of 8 currently in the Killarney Park transition home needs to find permanent accommodation - no easy feat for such a large family on a small budget.

  • Please pray they may find a suitable location, likely outside the urban core, in the next few weeks.
  • Three young women are needing permanent, full-time work. They are highly educated and skilled but need willing and supportive employers.


  1. Thanksgiving: Consider inviting a refugee family or individual to a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration - it's a wonderful way to have them feel included during this holiday time.
  2. Blankets: We are in need of warm blankets as the winter approaches.
    • Also, we may be in need of certain sizes of clothing for kids and adults, in good condition and able to be dropped off.
    • If you are able to assist, contact
  3. Community Dinner: Our next community dinner is Tuesday, October 8, at Killarney Park MB Church (6426 Kerr St).  As per usual, dinners are potluck style, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.   

Check out other ways you can be engaged with refugees in Vancouver.


Until next time,
Tenth's Refugee Support Team