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Jesus took a journey to a village called Emmaus, recorded in the book of Luke, with two friends who were struggling to find answers to some big questions. He explained to them, through the messages (or signs) of the ancient Prophets, the answers they were searching for. Al Massira aims to take small groups of friends on a similar journey to discover answers that are relevant for today's world and reveal the true identity of the Messiah.

Al Massira is a chronological and story-based presentation about the message of God’s grace to mankind. Each session, points to Jesus and his redemption work. It also provides answers to the challenging questions many of our friends struggle with.

Last month, my wife and I started an Al Massira meeting with a family from central Asia. The wife decided to follow Jesus last year, so Al Massira became a discipleship group for her and the discovery of Jesus to her husband. They asked us to involve their three children to watch part of the Al Massira video. This is how we rolled: the kids watched half of the episode with us, followed by a short discussion; then the kids were assigned to do some activities related to the same topic while the adults continued the second half of the episode and discussions. One of the questions asked was about the animal sacrifice and why it was very key in Adam and Noahs’ stories. The kids drew the ark as they imagined and the entire family grew in their knowledge and understanding  

Last time, our topic was about Noah and the ark. We met 3 times already and we will continue our journey, Al-Massira, and we will meet eventually with the Messiah and find him as the answer to many questions and much more.

Following are some memorable comments from some of my previous Al Massira participants.

  • “Now, I believe that the Bible is the word of God and it is not corrupted”.
  • “My belief about God changed completely. I used to think that God is a punishing God. But now I believe if I make any mistake, I trust now that he is a loving God who takes care of me in a gentle way.”
  • “The plan of God in the Bible makes more sense to me more than any other plans in other religions”.
    • This person asked me to study the Bible more with him to have better standing about God’s plans in the Bible. We are meeting on weekly basis to study the word of God.

If you have people in your life who you are reaching to, I encourage you join Al- Massira training which happens in Tenth church at the end of March. It is a great way to help people be exposed to the word of God, especially those who are immigrating to the West.


This blog was written by one of Tenth’s missionaries, who we will call ‘NA’ - for security concerns.  He will be co-leading the Al Massira training at Tenth.  Learn more or register here