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A few words from Kevin...

It has been a huge blessing for over 13 years now to be a missionary serving the Lord sent from Tenth, based in the Cambodian mission field.  I hope you can read our latest update below. I look at the children mentioned in this update and remember them from 13 years ago. 

You see, these children grew up in a community of extreme poverty, injustice, violence, alcoholism and drugs. They had little self-worth and felt predestined to live their future lives the way they had always known. The lack of any hope for any future was palpable.

To see them today studying hard, thriving, and sacrificing for a better future for themselves, their siblings and their families is just an amazing transformation from just 13 years ago. Three have already graduated university, 2 are in university now with 5 more heading to university next year. We also have 55 more kids studying hard, not letting society dictate their options. Many have embraced Christ and want a future based in Him and that is the most exciting thing for Leakhena and me to witness.

It wasn't the easiest 13 years so far but there is not a sacrifice that we have made that isn't worth it when we see the joy of the Lord in these children’s eyes and the laughter it brings despite their upbringing.

Probably one of the biggest sacrifices missionaries make is being absent from the lives of their family, friends and support groups for long periods of times. Personally, I have only seen my mother, who is now 87, four times during this period. 

I just got back to Cambodia from a short visit to Canada because my mother broke her hip and felt like I needed to comfort her and to help her recover as best she could and set up care for her for longer term care.  Not only has my mom recovered miraculously, but I was blessed in so many other ways from visits with other family and friends.  

Over the past few days, it has been such a joy serving our Tenth team here in Cambodia and Leakhena and I look forward to bringing them back to Oudong Village later this week. 

Thank you so much your brother in Christ, Kevin Knight

A few words from me....

When Kevin Zoomed me a couple months ago, sharing the dire state of his mother health condition, I told him to go home to visit his Mom, and God would provide for his trip in mysterious ways. Remembering how important it was for me to spend time with my mom when her health was in decline, I offered to help Kevin with a donation, and I encourage you to consider helping Kevin pay for his Canada trip by giving to our Cambodia Fund here  (choose Cambodia Fund dropdown).  Our goal is to raise $5000.  

Blessings of shalom! 
Patrick Elaschuk

Global Missions Pastor
Tenth Church