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About 5% of pastors in Cambodia have graduated from high school—and that's more than double the rural average of 2.2%. This situation is one of the major reasons why Tenth invests heavily in education and leadership development in Cambodia.


Canada has received >45,000 refugees from Syria in the past 2 years—just 2-3% of the number of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. This difference is why we support projects in Syria and Lebanon in addition to welcoming refugees to Vancouver.


Are you all in? Support our 10 Cambodian partners, 25 missionaries around the world, emerging work with refugees, and projects with the C&MA in Mexico by giving to the Missions Fund, the Cambodia Fund or the Refugee Fund

These funds do not receive money from the General Fund (offering) at Tenth.

100% of your donations to the Missions, Cambodia and Refugee Funds go to local and global work. Thanks for continuing to support our partners here and beyond!