At Tenth Church, we seek to grow deeper with God and extend out to others around us. Part of how we enact this vision is through courses, contemplative prayer nights, and retreats - which are designed to complement, equip, and support our Life Groups at Tenth. 

Our courses, contemplative prayer nights, and retreats are for people at every stage of faith. Whether you have very little faith connection, are currently growing in faith, or you are fully devoted to Jesus, we invite you to advance in your spiritual life by taking one of our courses, contemplative prayer nights, and retreats - which you can see on the left-hand menu.

The following courses are designed to complement, equip and support our Life Groups.


An introduction to Christianity with video teaching and small group discussions. Alpha is an opportunity to explore God and the meaning of life.


Addresses emotional and spiritual maturity. Develop a close relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

RHYTHMS** a workshop series

Explores the missional practices of Jesus and the movement of the church. Engages rhythms of life for the purpose of loving others well. 

ROOTS* a workshop series

A community experience in crafting a personalized rule of life. Every participant designs a plan for taking them from where they are to where God wants them to be. 

SOUL TRIOS*** monthly

A group experience in spiritual direction. Trios consist of three people who meet regularly to help one another become more aware of God's activity in their lives. 


Intentional evenings for learning new, contemplative prayer practices; and silent retreats for hearing God's voice.



Tenth Church has three movements of spiritual growth: *early, **intermediate, and ***advanced.