Marriage is a serious, life-long commitment.  We believe that marriage is a beautiful opportunity to not only know and enjoy your spouse deeply, but to know and enjoy God deeply.  Marriage is a profoundly spiritual relationship that is meant to display the character of God. 

God's intention for marriage and sexual expression is a lifelong union between one man and one woman.  Sexual intimacy is only intended for marriage and sexual intimacy outside this protective bond and co-habitation are contrary to God's good design for our humanity.

We want to help couples build healthy relationships and to invest in their marriages, even more than in their weddings.  Couples, no matter where they are in their marriage journey, can benefit from our Marriage Ministry in various ways as follows.

  • Couples whose wedding is being officiated by a Tenth pastor and who give us at least 6 months' notice will be matched with a mentor couple as part of the Pre-Marital Mentor Program. Space is limited.

  • Couples who are considering engagement or couples who are not requesting a Tenth pastor to officiate their wedding can benefit from the Pre-Marriage Workshop.
  • Couples whose wedding is being officiated by a Tenth pastor but who can only give us 5 months' notice or less can benefit from the Pre-Marriage Workshop. If you can't attend the Pre-Marital Seminar, please register for our Premarital Mentoring Program. You will meet with your officiating pastor to "unpack" your couple's assessment instead of being matched up with a mentor couple.
  • Married Couples: No matter how long you have been married, you are always welcome to take the Pre-Marriage Workshop!