Current statistics in Canada show that the average Canadian owes $1.7 dollars for every $1 of disposable income they have. Newly married couples can be more susceptible to debt as many are carrying student loan debt, the financial impacts from a wedding, and are in a lower income bracket. A study of over 1,000 newly married couples showed that debt had a negative impact on their marriage quality.

In order to support couples we recommend two resources. The first is free financial coaching from the Family Services of Greater Vancouver. This is an excellent resource for those who need help prioritizing their financial picture, creating budgets, or other financial support. This free resource can be accessed through: 

The second is through Financial Literacy Counsel Inc (FLC). FLC has also offered one free financial coaching session for couples who go through Tenth's Pre-Marriage program. Once you are registered you can email Sara McLean at, to set up an appointmnent. Both of these are excellent free resources. I highly recommend taking advantage of them.

Below you can also download a free budgeting resource.