The Board of Elders provides oversight of the ministry and operations of the church. It does this task principally by providing guidance and direction at a policy level. The Board meets approximately eight times a year and works closely with the Senior Pastor.

Howard Louie (Chair)
Howard has attended Tenth for over ten years at the 9:15 Mt Pleasant service with his wife, Teresa, and two daughters and has been part of a variety of ministries. He is currently on the Connections Team and has served on a variety of public and private boards.

Paul Bryant
Paul has attended the Kitsilano morning service with his wife and two children since 2014. Paul has an advisory business and enjoys surfing, skiing, great books, and coffee.

Christina Cheung
Christina has attended at the Mt Pleasant site since 2008 and has played bass with the worship teams over the years. She is a senior executive at a Burnaby-based mining service company and is passionate about helping people find hope and meaning in life through trusting God.

Brent Hoshizaki (Treasurer)
Brent, his wife, Janice, and two daughters have been worshipping at East Van since it started and at Mt Pleasant before that. Brent works as a cross-border tax accountant and assists Janice’s leadership in a Burnaby missional community (life) group.

Kirsten Ickert (Secretary)
Kirsten, an elementary school teacher, attends Tenth Evening and has been co-leading the Connect Team and a life group since 2015. She's also involved with Soul Trios.

Esther Kitchener
Esther and her husband attend UBC Pt Grey after having been a part of the Mt Pleasant community. After spending 20+ years in pastoral ministry, Esther and her husband are transitioning into new careers, and enjoy exploring the beauty of the lower mainland through running, walking, kayaking, and exploring the hundreds of coffee shops tucked away in neighbourhood corners.

Patrick Lo
Patrick, his wife, Ju, and their two sons attend Kits. He loves playing the piano with the worship team and is currently CEO and President of Canaan Group, a logistics company.

John McNamee (Vice-Chairman)
John attends Tenth's 9:15 Mt Pleasant service with his wife, Mi-Jung, and two sons. He is a lawyer currently practising in the public sector. John has served on a number of non-profit boards and helps proofread the Tenth website.

Ken Shigematsu
Ken is the Senior Pastor of Tenth Church and an ex officio member of the Board of Elders.

Darryl Shoemaker
Darryl and his wife are rooted in the Evening service and deeply appreciate the wide-open doors (physically and virtually) that Tenth provides to the community. Darryl is involved in a variety of service opportunities at Tenth including the EHS course and Connections team and works for HDR, an engineering and architecture company, as president of their Reources division.

Winnie Su
Winnie attends Tenth's 9:15 Mt Pleasant service with her husband and three children. She is a family physician in Vancouver and involved in the teaching of students and young physicians. Winnie has been serving in our Tenth Kids ministry since 2011.