Since 1996, Tenth Church has grown from a community of 175 people to more than 2,000, making it one of the largest and most diverse city-centre churches in Canada. Our community includes immigrants, students, and young families; artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals; the urban poor and people on the margins of society. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has described Tenth as “a resting place for people from all walks of life.”

We are known for our ability to communicate the gospel in a way that engages people at various places on their spiritual journey, including those on the borderlands of faith. Tenth Church has been recognized in various media for our commitment to justice, demonstrated in ministries such as outreach to the homeless and advocacy on behalf of women and children vulnerable to the sex trade both in Vancouver and internationally.

Below, you'll find a collection of news articles and magazine pieces detailing different aspects of our journey: 

Vancouver's 'Mini-Mega' Church Pastor Probes the Blessing and Curse of His Ambition

By Douglas Todd & Jason Byassee - The Vancouver Sun, 2018

Vancouver's Stony Soil: The Church in the Secular City

By Jason Byassee - The Christian Century, 2016

Finding Connection to God in Soil of the Earth: Gardening and Faith Intertwined for A Rocha, an Environmental Group

By Pat Johnson - The Vancouver Courier, 2015

Tenth Church: Open and Vulnerable

By Julia Cheung - Regent World, 2015

The Science of Prayer: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Spiritual Research

By Douglas Todd - The Vancouver Sun, 2013

Hearing a Different Kind of Evangelical

By Justin Tse - Ricepaper, 2011

Lessons Having a Soup Kitchen on Your Block Can Teach

By Ian Bailey - The Globe and Mail, 2011

Spreading the Word: Evangelical Church Moves Into Kitsilano

By Mark Hasiuk - The Vancouver Courier, 2009