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This summer, Tenth Global has been hosting film screenings and times of discussion on Zoom, focusing on topics of justice and Cambodia. We've been joined by local leaders in Cambodia, and the discussions have been so powerful.

August 30 is our last JUST 58 film screening of the summer! Click here to register.

Some participants of these events have been so generous to share their experience with us, expressing how these events help keep them inspired for justice. In this post, Katie shares her experience of coming face to face with the unimaginable pain inflicted by the Khmer Rouge and the Killing Fields, and reflects on what we can do about the lasting impact of this injustice.

Read below to hear Katie's experience of JUST 58:

After attending this last session of JUST58, I feel like I have a better understanding of the deep hurt within Cambodia. The film we watched was incredibly heart-wrenching, making me feel things I could have never imagined. Such contradictory emotions presented themselves in the scenes, where children yearned for love over their deceased parents and yet played with their hands unperturbed by the chaos around them.

These images, paired with our in-depth discussion after, gave me a better understanding of how prevalent these paradoxical frames are through their convergence with intersectionality. Issues such as human trafficking and systemic racism were highlighted in our discussion as subjects that we should be praying for, both in Canada and in Cambodia. This institutional and systemic racism present in Cambodia continues to affect Cambodians today.

There is no easy fix to these issues. As a result of the killing fields and the Khmer Rouge, Cambodians have to fight incredibly hard for their voice, never mind it being heard. So, how can we help from Vancouver? We discussed that we need to be praying for open ears and hearts, so that we can align ourselves appropriately.

Listening to the hurt voices is always the first step in healing. There were many more ways to help but that’s what hit me deepest because that’s what God does for us.

Would you like to take part in a film screening of a powerful discussion like this? Our third and final JUST58 event is Aug 30, and we'll be focusing our discussion on Cambodia in the time since the Killing Fields.

We would love for you to join us! Register here.