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My passion has always been working with children. So last October, I began volunteering in the Sunday school for the 9:15am service.

Most people like to sleep in on Sunday mornings—at least, this was the case for me. Within the first few months, I found myself complaining that Sunday mornings were no longer “sleep in” days. I began to regret my decision: why had I chosen to serve in this ministry?

But by January, God had completely transformed my heart. I began looking forward to spending Sunday mornings with the toddlers. I love being in their presence and my most enjoyable moments are always during their play session. From them, I have learned that fullness of life can be achieved through the simple, joyful moments of toddler smiles and laughter.

Never before has God’s creation of humans been so evident to me. When I first started volunteering, these children were not speaking a single word. By April, they had begun to utter words—or even phrases!

Sometimes I step back to watch them play and am reminded of how God loves each one of His children. Today, God still continues to mold my heart. I have realized that when you put in the time to do God’s work, He will bless you in more ways than you can imagine. As I look back on the past year with the toddlers, God continues to remind me that He is the One who first gave me this passion for working with children.