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Thanks to Tenth members generously providing accommodation, we have recently been able to welcome a young Afghani woman. She had been staying in a shelter and is now in the comfort of our refugee support team.

Now having a core team of people around her to be her "family", many others have pitched in with donations for essential supplies and resources. 

On our first day together, she came to a family picnic hosted by our partners at Journey Home Community. Having been in Canada for a month with no social supports, no money and living in a shelter, meeting so many friendly people was overwhelming. She just kept saying "I feel like I'm in paradise--I will never forget this day!". Since then she has been enthusiastically posting on Facebook how amazing her experience has been--and why doesn't everyone in Vancouver know about Tenth Church? 

We have ongoing practical opportunities to walk along her and our other refugee families.

Specifically we are looking for:

  • a computer in good working condition
  • opportunities for employment
  • Spanish speakers to assist with translation support
  • clothing and shoes for size small 14 year old boy, size large women's
  • welcome basket items (toiletries, Compass cards, grocery gift cards, socks and underwear, backpack, umbrella etc)
  • any other contributions outlined in our Tenth Refugee Support  

We can assist as many asylum seeking refugees as we have capacity for, and the need is great. 

To get involved, please email Mim and Hannah at

May your week be filled with joy as you walk alongside those that have been brought your way.