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Calvin shares meals with the Oasis Cafe community. Meet: Calvin. 

When and how did you come across Oasis Café? Summer 2019. When I first started attending Tenth in 2019, I met two guys that volunteered at Oasis. I had a vague idea that it was some sort of café in the church and not much else. The three of us planned to hang out on Monday and we decided to get dinner at the café at church. When I sat down, one of the guys announced that he had already signed me up to volunteer that night. I had a blast and from then on tried to come every week.

What are some things that you do at Oasis Café? Talk a lot, enjoy the vibe, listen to stories of different peoples lives, learn to be patient, work a little bit. Duties include serving food and drinks, cleaning up after closing, washing dishes and dancing in the kitchen.

What keeps you coming back? Its community and leaders, definitely. The mission is good, to provide a training ground for people to learn job skills/room to grow, and to give dignity to those on the street who are scraping by a chance to enjoy a sit-down delicious meal with an ever changing menu of food and drinks in a comfortable space. Without the strong leaders and team who greatly pour their hearts out to serve, for God's glory and not their own, I wouldn’t want to come back. They make it fun and something I want to be a part of.

How have you seen God at work in your own life through the ministry of Oasis Café? Definitely do. Seeing the people there and having a chance to talk with them I can see that everyone is an individual. Might be strange conversations but I can see how we are not that different and that everything comes from God. Every single gift/skill and position I have, God orchestrated. It aids me in understanding others and to be kind and respectful. Keeps me humble and not get too serious about myself.  

What do you want to say to someone who might be interested in serving at Oasis Café? Absolutely try it out or come for dinner. It is good to meet everyone in the community. Not much chance other than at Oasis Cafe to be able to do so in a setting that’s not forced or uncomfortable. When you decide to volunteer, there are so many different roles at the cafe that the manager can slot you into - something you’re comfortable in to start enjoying yourself. 

For over 23 years, Oasis Cafe has been sharing a nourishing meal and a place of community. To learn more and to serve, visit To support our mission, please give at and select "Benevolence."