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Sam's a concept illustrator at a virtual reality studio in the heart of our city but his artistic talents don't stop there. He's also a multi-instrumentalist who plays at our seasonal concerts and Mount Pleasant services. Hear about his life outside the virtual world.

Andrew: What do you enjoy most about serving?

Sam: I enjoy the opportunity to use the gifts of music and art God has given me to serve others. I also really love growing in community with others that I get a chance to serve with.

Andrew: Where have you seen God work as you serve?

Sam: Serving on the worship teams, I have the privilege of looking into the congregation and seeing people come before God in worship. I also enjoy hearing when prayers get answered in the sharing times before rehearsals.

Andrew: How have you grown through serving?

Sam: Serving in the worship ministry with so many other gifted people, I can see tangible growth as a musician. As I continue to make myself available, I see God multiplying this gift, so I can better serve Him. It is also a constant reminder that though I am a sinner and often feel unqualified God can still use me if I make myself available.


When our lives are joined to Jesus, we find that we also are enlisted in His mission to share God’s love with those around us.  One of the best ways of discovering your gifts and finding community is by serving.  Could God be inviting you to take that step?  Check out the opportunities to volunteer on our Volunteer Directory.

Not sure where you can help? Let us know about your interest. Or, I’d love to chat with you about finding a place for you to serve.

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