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Sept 23rd, 7-9pm THIS FRIDAY--students invited AGAIN for weekly CREO! All sites gather at our Mount Pleasant site. We'll start in Gym for games. Then worship and teaching in Sanctuary. Back to Gym for snacks, hanging out, and wrap-up time!


It's Special Night. That means a special speaker. We'll hear from David Minor who attends our East Van site. He's an awesome therapist and coach. He specializes in talking with youth and young adults. He's also really passionate about discipleship!


Come ready to be challenged, inspired and encouraged. We'll also have worship, hilarious games, snacks, and a chance to hang-out with friends.


Surprised we're not meeting on Zoom anymore?? Check out our website for an update on our weekly rhythm. Most every week we'll be in-person. Our website describes the differences between this year's Experience Night, Special Night, MORE (lounge) Night and Chapel Night. Be sure to subscribe to CREO newsletter by swiping to the bottom of any of our Tenth website pages at

Stay tuned because Sept 30th will be off-site at a different location for CHAPEL, a Vancouver-wide youth worship event. 


Pastor Ais loved getting time with parents in the Lower East Hall last week. Let's do it again this week, Sept 23rd! Come drop off your students at 7pm at entrance F, then head to Parent Connect in Lower East Hall (LEH) at entrance D. Volunteers will guide you. Snacks and decaf coffee provided! Pick up a hardcopy CREO schedule for the whole year! Got questions? You can message Aisling at