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Advocate? Helper? Friend? What does it truly mean to be an adovcate in God's Kingdom? How does Jesus advocate for us? For our neighbours? For those that we might not necessarily like? How are we to be an advocate for one another? These are questions that we will be focusing on this month.

This month’s theme, “I am an advocate” is mature language for “I am a friend.” Don’t be shy of using this big language with your school age kids- kids soak in new vocabulary! For younger kids, we will stick to “I am a friend.”

Tenth Kids will focus on how we can be friends to those who are lonely, lost and even unlikeable!  Luke 19:10 says, “The Son of Man came to look for the lost and save them.” Who are the natural advocates in your family? Who are the lonely, lost, or (dare we say) unlikeable? Pray for both and actively use this story to help facilitate relationships and rich conversation.  

We invite you to practice our ASL Monthly Memory Verse with Pastor Dan Matheson by clicking below. Kids can also sing this verse with Pastor Marissa’s song, “1 John 3:18.”