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Does my dad really want me to be happy? Does my dad really love me? These questions are raised in the The Story of the Lost Son (Luke 15).

In February’s theme, “I am Healed,” we explore how God longs to repair our broken world- on earth as it is in heaven. In his divine timing he mends our hearts, our bodies, our relationships, and will eventually heal us wholly and forever! 

The subject of healing can be sensitive for those of us who haven't yet experienced healing in our lives or in those around us. We encourage you to engage in conversations with your kids about this big question. Don't hesitate to speak with us at Tenth if you have any questions yourself!

The memory verse this month is a longer one, so be sure to use the tools provided: ASL Memory Verse time, with Pastor Dan (click below) and Revelations 21:4 song, written and recorded for you by Pastor Marissa Ochoa (see "I am Healed: Revelation 21:4 song" news post).