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Since late April, we've been exploring what it means to connect with God every day. This has been a series created to help students develop faith skills that will connect them with God and grow their faith. We want students to see that growing their faith isn’t about checking off a to-do list or getting everything right. Instead, it’s about finding ways to connect with God and putting those things into practice in their everyday lives. When they do, they’ll find themselves developing a faith that will guide and grow alongside them as they mature.

This Friday we get to hear from five students who are both practicing and working towards these things!

We're so excited to hear from Faith, Jeremy, Conner, Alina, and Josh this Friday at 7 PM! Over this week they'll appreciate your prayers as they prepare and gain the courage to speak in front of their peers!


While our weekly Friday gatherings are winding down on June 21st, we still have some exciting things planned for the summer! Details are still being finalized, but we're looking forward to a small handful of summer connect points. Dates you can keep on your calendar are July 12th & 26th, and August 9th & 23rd.

Our Sunday programming at all of our sites will continue to run. Check with your site's Youth Director for more information!

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