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Many people today feel harried and empty, driven by an unrelenting ambition to accomplish something big and meaningful. Yet in contrast to the constant pressure we feel to achieve, Scripture defines success altogether differently. In Survival Guide for the Soul, bestselling author and pastor Ken Shigematsu speaks poignantly about overcoming the obstacles that keep us from flourishing in our spiritual lives.

The best-seller, Survival Guide for the Soul is now available as an online course taught by Ken Shigematsu. This course offers a fresh perspective on how certain spiritual practices help orient our lives so that our souls can flourish in the midst of a demanding, competitive society through video, text, and personal discussion questions. The course concludes with a liberating and counter-cultural definition of true greatness.

By completing this course, you’ll gain

  • A deeper understanding of the self in relation to God and what causes a harried lifestyle
  • A gentle invitation to the ancient spiritual practices to gain peace in your life
  • Practical guidance for how to create space for practices in your daily life to stay connected to the love of God
  • Confidence in your growing knowledge through personalized review sessions and unit assessments