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World Vision Afghanistan is in the heart of a community that has been devastated by recent earthquakes in Herat, Afghanistan. Largely overshadowed by the conflict in Palestine and Israel, UNICEF reports that 90% of the fatalities were believed to be women and children. National Director for World Vision Afghanistan, Thamindri de Silva, shares about the pain and trauma associated with the earthquakes, along with mobilizing rescue efforts and humanitarian aid, in this CTV News Report.

At Tenth, we walk alongside the refugee community here in Vancouver, a number of whom call Afghanistan home, where their friends and family continue to face significant challenges and hardship. Please join us in prayer and action as we continue to journey alongside and recognize the strength and resiliency of people who have been forcibly displaced. 

The Body of Christ has always been called to respond and come together to meet needs. In 2 Corinthians 8: 1-24, we read about the practice of taking up a "collection" in response to a natural disaster (in the case of 1 Corinthians 4:11, famine). The Apostle Paul invited churches to rally together in support of their sisters and brothers of faith in another place, as a practical expression of unity. Let’s consider how we can do likewise today. 

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Now we turn to you, O God,
in this season of our common distress.
Be merciful, O Christ, to those who suffer,
to those who worry, to those who grieve,
to those who are threatened or harmed
in any way by this upheaval.
Let your holy compassions be active
throughout the world even now—
tending the afflicted, comforting the brokenhearted,
and bringing hope to many who are hopeless.

Excerpt from Every Moment Holy, Vol. II by Douglas McKelvey. Copyright ©2020 Douglas McKelvey. Rabbit Room Press,