As a former teenager, I can attest that I was difficult to raise.

My parents read all the books, got the family out the door for church as much as possible, and prayed before every meal (with devotions after dinner for a season!)

As great as my parents did at raising me and my brother, I'm sure they would have loved to have something like Parent Connect as they were navigating life with two teenage boys.

When you drop your teenager off at CREO this Friday (Oct. 13) from 7-9, I invite you to stick around and join Pastor Aisling at Parent Connect to share, support, and pray for your families. It's hard to feel alone when we're together!


Keep the following Friday evening (Oct. 20th) available as well for our CREO Carnival!

This will be our big fundraiser for CREO Camp. Enjoy activities put on by our own CREO students, win fun prizes, and enjoy some special snacks! More information to come.

Have yet to register for CREO Camp? Head here to get that taken care of!

Looking forward to seeing you Friday!

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