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On June 27, after two and a half years of sharing takeout meals at Oasis Cafe, we will re-open the dining room, where neighbours can break bread and share in a meal together! We are thrilled to feast together once again and share in conversation over delicious food, fresh cut flowers, and the gift of unhurried time. 

The pandemic version of Oasis Cafe had its unique challenges that tested the community's ability to care for one another during an intense season of two public health emergencies - the COVID 19 pandemic that was marked by social isolation, as well as the overlapping overdose crisis in BC. We are so thankful that in the midst of these challenges, we have been able to serve the community, and each other, every single week since March 2020 (that's 116 weeks, to be precise!) Here are some memories of the past two and a half years:

  • partnering with non-profits like FoodStash Foundation, CityReach and many others to nourish the community
  • A local neighbour noticed Oasis Cafe one day and offered to share farm fresh eggs on a regular basis
  • Many conversations and prayers shared with each other; a mutual blessing
  • Collectively mourned the loss of three people in the community
  • Many donations of bottled water to help fight the 2021 heat dome
  • Strengthened relationships and leadership development within the ministry
  • More donations of blankets in December 2021 in response to the cold snap and the heater in our facility breaking down
  • After dinner one evening, a guest shared "you can taste the love in the food" 
  • A beautiful mosaic of volunteers ranging from students, to professors, artists to engineers, healthcare workers to primary caregivers, those in-between employment to retired
  • Many donations of reuseable bags to help care for creation and reduce our use of plastics
  • the faithfulness of guests and volunteers in showing up week after week, some for a season, some for much longer than a season!
  • the desire for community from our guests
  • Over 23,000 meals shared 

We couldn't have done it without your ongoing prayers and support!  Thank you!

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