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A new volunteer, Ron, has recently begun helping with Tenth's Refugee Ministry. Locating housing, securing furniture, and transporting these items is a huge need in our ministry. Read Ron's reflections below on his involvment. 

When we look around the city, it isn’t hard to spot the marginalized and needy. As a church we have our doors and programs open to all. The question often is, how can we contribute our time or resources to improve the lives of others? 

At Tenth, our Pastors are trying to match people’s gifts with the needs that arise. Such a need is supplying furniture and household items, along with moving expertise and muscle. Recently my wife and I became aware of several refugee families who needed help with receiving furniture that had been donated by another member in the community. When I approached our life group about this need, several men and women offered their services. A volunteer (Mim Wickett) has been coordinating the refugee support in our church and she was thankful for our help. Together we obtained a truck and made several pick-ups and deliveries.

I did not know the strangers we helped but could see the gratitude in their faces. We in turn had the opportunity to share the reason for our help and at two of the places we prayed God’s blessing on their new humble homes. There are many of us who have realized we have way too much “stuff.”

A storage garage suddenly became available through God’s providence and we are now open to accepting more donations and storing items until we determine the need. What an exciting and worthwhile challenge for our church!

Continue to pray for workers, donations, and recipients. As one of our volunteers said, “we are not just going to church … we are being the church.”

Interested in knowing more or participating? Email us.