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Lent is a season for recognizing our need for God so that we can celebrate more fully at Easter, when we celebrate the world-changing fact that God raised Jesus from the dead to defeat death and make all things new. Lent invites us to tell the truth about our need for God; this involves self-examination and penitence, restoring right relationships with God and others, and taking time to fast and pray. 

In this booklet, we will journey with Jesus to the cross with a series of devotionals centred on Jesus’ “I AM” sayings in the Gospel of John. A major theme in his Gospel is eternal life—not life that merely goes on forever but life that is real and lasting; not a life that fades away from boredom and passes from fad to fad but a life that finds abundant joy in the presence of the living, eternal God. May we be strengthened in our turning to God during Lent, and may we be changed as we hear and accept His invitation to find true, lasting, and eternal life.  

This Lenten devotional was written by the pastoral team at Tenth Church. We hope that this devotional will be an enriching companion as you journey through Lent towards Easter.   

Download the devotional below.