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Every Thursday, neighbours gather together at Kits Cares - a weekly low-cost community food market, jointly hosted by churches in the area, to address hunger and isolation in the spirit of Christ. Amidst the freshly brewed coffee and assorted pastries emerge conversations, friendships, fresh flowers, and bags of groceries!

Did you know that an average bag of groceries from Kits Cares costs approximately $5 for a guest, and retails for about $25 worth of items?
Some items that you typically find in a bag of groceries include bananas, apples, oranges, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, onions canned fish, chickpeas, milk or eggs, pasta or rice, a loaf of bread from COBS, treats from Whole Foods such as prepared meals, yogourt, and more!  

As the price of groceries continue to soar, and many in our community struggle with the cost of a weekly shop, we invite you to consider giving financially to support the Kits Cares Market that will help provide access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food, while sharing the love of Christ with neighbours. Community food markets like Kits Cares help to bridge the gap between grocery stores and food banks. Partnering with businesses like Whole Foods, COBs Bread, PureBread, and non-profits like Vancouver Food Runners helps ensure we do our part to reduce food waste, while also providing plenty of variety at the market! We're so grateful to be hosting the market in partnership with local churches

How can you help?

  • Pray for guests, to experience belonging and dignity at Kits Cares
  • Pray for people who God might be leading to serve and to give towards Kits Cares 
  • Though Kits Cares does earn revenue, it is impossible for the market to sustain itself on this revenue. Donors and grants are needed to cover the subsidy for the groceries. $47,000 is what's needed to sustain the market this ministry year! Please give generously at and select "Kits Cares."
  • We invite volunteers to serve and welcome people into a dignifying experience. To sign up, please visit and click on the volunteer application form.