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Last Friday, over 300 students from churches across Vancouver & Burnaby were at our Mt. Pleasant site with 604 Network!

We had an incredible evening worshipping and learning together. An added bonus was hearing testimonies from students serving God and supporting each other in their schools.

It was a huge treat to be part of, and a tremendous honour to host this time. You couldn't be in the room and NOT be excited for the next generation of our city!


This coming Friday we're talking Christmas!

For many of us, the Christmas story is pretty familiar. Even if your teenager knows the story, they may not have connected the dots for what Jesus’ arrival to Earth means for them personally. This week, our conversation will focus on the fact that Jesus’ birth is the physical representation of God with us on Earth!

We'll be encouraging those in the room to practice looking for God in their everyday lives this holiday season as a way to remember the point of the story: God is with us! It starts this Friday at 7 PM!


Next Friday (Dec. 8th) is our monthly parent connect with Pastor Aisling! She asked if I could let you know a couple of things headed into that evening:

Grab & Go Parent Connect:
Pastor Ais will be preparing to preach at many of our sites December 10th. So…Parent Connect Dec 8th will be a bit different this month. It’ll be a grab & go event! At drop off or pick up that night, be sure to grab a small “gift” from Ais- it’s a small parenting resource!

Gift Exchange of Sorts
We’ll simply ask for you to give us a small “gift”  of FEEDBACK for what you most appreciate about CREO and what you’d love to see happen in the New Year. Be on the lookout for a small parent survey sheet you can fill out if you’re able & willing. We appreciate our CREO Families!

CREO is all about creating spaces for students to discover Christ in belonging, identity, and purpose. Follow @creoyouth on Instagram or visit for updates.