From rainy Vancouver to sunny Kona, Hawaii, God has led CREO students' leader Angel Lin from serving God as a hobby to serving God as a vocation. Here, she shares her delight in following God:


Andrew: What do you enjoy most about serving?

A few years ago, I was attending Tenth Evening service regularly. After a year, I decided that I wanted to get more plugged into a community. After getting coffee with Catlin, he suggested that I serve at CREO Fridays and become a small group leader. Since then, I have been with my girls for four years. My girls hold a very special place in my heart. They are some of the most joyful, fun, God-loving girls I know and it has been a privilege to walk with them. I love serving because I love building community and I find so much joy in championing people.  Whether if I’m serving through CREO ministries or greeting people at the front door during service, I love to encourage people and I loving hearing/seeing how people have grown.

Andrew: Where have you seen God work as you serve?

This year, churches across Vancouver have partnered together to start a youth Alpha video series in every high-school across Vancouver. One of my girls is currently leading that club at Tupper secondary school! My girls are eager to walk into a deeper relationship with Jesus and they are the most wild evangelists I know. Earlier this year, another one of my girls decided to move from a public high-school to a Christian private school out of her own free will because she wanted to walk closer with God! To see how much they have grown has seriously been such a privilege and has moved my heart to grow closer to God. Since I have been walking with these girls, I have seen the impact and the wild growth in their lives, and God has given me a huge heart to see youth across the world encounter God. My girls were first unsure about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, and now they are sharing the gospel and being evangelists to their schools and to people around them! To see that root grow is truly humbling.

Andrew: How have you grown through serving?

Serving has lead me to become a full-time missionary with Youth With A Mission in Kona, Hawaii for the past 2 years. My passion is to see youth across different nations come to know Jesus! They are our next generation, they are our next parents, prime ministers and teachers, and I believe they are the people we should be pouring into most. Serving has also taught me to step out of my comfort zone and to trust God more. Through serving I also have learned more about god’s character and how to love others.  As the church, we are called to love one another, and with that comes serving one another. 



When our lives are joined to Jesus, we find that we also are enlisted in His mission to share God’s love with those around us.  One of the best ways of discovering your gifts and finding community is by serving.  Could God be inviting you to take that step?  Check out the opportunities to volunteer on our Volunteer Directory.

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