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MP Family Chat Cafe This Sunday

Family Chat Cafe events are happening again at our Tenth sites this Fall! If you attend our Mount Pleasant site (or would like to join MP for the day) you are invited THIS SUNDAY 12:30-2pm for soup, salad, and munchies in the lounge, following the 11am service! This is a time for parents of kids, youth, and young adults to learn together and share their parenting journey in community. Pastor Aisling hosts these round table gatherings so that we don't do this parenting thing alone!

Don't miss it. Let us know if you're coming! (Registration Link Here)

What to Expect?

This session of Family Chat Café includes creative ideas for growing kids in a way that leads to their flourishing. Our next Family Chat Café will include powerful ways to incorporate the spirit of play in our new Fall routines. Most important we’ll explore Family Faithing as a verb and practical ways to identify your family values. We’ll also discuss your child’s/teen’s unique set of motivators that inspire them in their faith and development.

Register This Week

Pastor Ais ("Ash") is making soup and would LOVE to know how many people we're hosting! Register for Sunday's lunch and conversation at so we know if you have any food needs in your family and if childcare is needed. Our kids and youth will be eating alongside parents and then be dismissed to hangout with their friends and leader/caregivers. There is a $5 cost to attending to help Ais with ingredients! (If cost is a concern don't hesitate to reach out.)

Family Chat Cafe Events Still to Come

UBC Family Chat Cafe Sunday, Sept 24, 2023 

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East Van Family Chat Cafe Sunday, Oct 15, 2023 

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West Side Family Chat Cafe Sunday, Oct 15, 2023

--After West Side Service 6:30-7:45pm - Register Here

Evening Family Chat Cafe Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023

--Tuesday Evening 5:30-6:45pm - Register Here

More Family Chats Coming Winter/Spring 2024