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Partner with Pastor Krista as she prepares to serve your children this upcoming year! 

Evening Kids Zoom: Krista would love to host Evening Kids Sunday school weekly on Zoom. Please complete the doodle poll(s) below, choosing the one(s) that best suits your kids. Note that the age recommendations are flexible - if you have multiple children and would like them to be together, just choose the age group that would suit them best.

Activity Boxes:
Be sure to register for Activity Boxes that will accompany lessons each week. Don't be put on the waitlist - 3/4 are gone already!

Tenth Kids Online:
Tenth Kids Online will launch Sept. 13, with lessons taught by the familiar faces of Tenth's Children's Pastors and volunteers. This year we have weekly lessons for both Younger Kids (age 3-kindergarten) and Older Kids (grade 1-5)