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Betsy, an elementary school teacher sings in our choir and vocal ensemble. Catch her strolling around the neighbourhood with Toby, the family dog, and 4-month-old Micah, going as a pea pod this Halloween.

Hear what motivates Betsy to serve beyond her immediate family.

Andrew: What do you enjoy most about serving?

What I enjoy most about serving is getting to know our church community more and the feeling of giving back to it.

Andrew: Where have you seen God work as you serve?

One of the most impactful ways I've seen God at work is during our Christmas and Easter concerts where you see and hear about people's lives changing as they hear about Him for a first time through an invite from a friend or family member. 

Andrew: How have you grown through serving?

I feel like God has been so gracious in giving me a more outward-focused heart through serving Him. Shifting my mindset to doing things for Him and through Him gives me the energy and desire to want to do more.

When our lives are joined to Jesus, we find that we also are enlisted in His mission to share God’s love with those around us.  One of the best ways of discovering your gifts and finding community is by serving.  Could God be inviting you to take that step?  Check out the opportunities to volunteer on our Volunteer Directory.

Not sure where you can help? Let us know about your interest. Or, I’d love to chat with you about finding a place for you to serve.

Don’t just go to church.  Be the church.