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Our February conversation on dating & relationships concludes this coming Friday with a Q + R featuring some of our Tenth Staff!

As a teenager I needed all the help I could get when it came to relating to those around me (especially girls). I'm so grateful for our volunteer team this month as they've continued to create space for conversations around what it looks like to honour ourselves and others. Even for our younger students who aren't quite interested in anything romantic yet, exploring how to be good friends and respecting those around them is setting up excellent groundwork to build on when it's time to revisit this topic in the future!

We're excited to have Dan Matheson (West Side Site Pastor), Hannah Wong (Local Ministry Coordinator), Marie Lee (Director of Tenth Kids), & Nathan Uttangi (Interim Evening Site Pastor & Creative Director) join our panel to answer questions our students have submitted around the dating and friendship world!

The following Friday, March 8th will be all about the Easter story and how Jesus' sacrifice is the ultimate example of love! We're looking to put together a 21-day prayer exercise with our students that will lead them into the Easter Weekend!


Kick-off Spring Break with CREO at our Girls & Guys Retreats on March 15 & 16th!

These retreats will run simultaneously in two different locations with a huge emphasis on growing and connecting as a ministry, with lots of fun and unique surprises in store for both!

Register before March 1st to catch the early bird deal!

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