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Our CREO Central Friday Night will be on Zoom this Friday, February 25th and then March 4th all students are invited for an in-person Spring gathering. Masks will be required and we'll have plenty of space to accomodate everyone! We'll start in the Mount Pleasant gym and move to the sanctuary for worship, fun, and spreading out in crews.

We are beginning our new series: One Story --Luke Miracles!

Jesus showed us that he really is God’s Son through his teaching, great love, and miracles. His miracles weren't just for a good show, but to pour his love and compassion on those who really needed it most. There was love and meaning wrapped in to each one. In this series, students will learn through the miracles of Jesus and see his immense love for people.

This Spring we are planning to once again enjoy our hybrid model of in-person and virtual meetings—see schedule below.  All Grade 6 to Grade 12 students from all of our Tenth sites are welcome to join in on the fun, games, chats with friends and snacks! 

1st & 3rd Fridays will be in-person
2nd and 4th Fridays virtual in crews
5th Fridays will be special events

SPRING BREAK: Plans will be announced for March 18th & March 25th once the next BC Health Advisory makes it's announcement March 15th. Stay tuned for more info. Our CREO crew leaders will also share their plans!