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CREO Students & Families, we're so excited to have us all back together again this Friday, March 31st, 7-9pm. Our Split Night is always an important time for our youth to break into two age groups and connect with friends their own age. Come expecting a just-right combo of connection and fun. We can't wait to see you there.

Tenth West Side--we know you have your own site-specific social happening at Elm Park and hope it's great time with sports and ice cream!


We are so excited to show you all the amazing sticker designs our CREO community has made! Bring cash and cards this Friday Night to make your purchase. Definitely check out the prints and jean jackets being sold too. The fundraiser will be taking place at pick up time at the end of Friday Split Night. It's also happening at 9am and 11am services on Sunday at Mount Pleasant site. All proceeds will go towards buses that we're taking to CREO Camp May Long Weekend.

We will also have some surprise Private Auction items sold in the Upper East Hall on Sunday's Mount Pleasant fundraiser April 2nd & 9th!