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CREO 2023-24 is officially in full swing!

Last Friday we had a blast at our Mt. Pleasant site with an incredible night at our Mt. Pleasant site. With over ~120 people in the room, you could feel the excitement and energy throughout our time together!

In our conversation, we encouraged our students to take a step toward contributing to and taking ownership of doing life together with others. Often we can view places like CREO as a place we show up to receive rather than to give when instead, both things are true!

With CREO, our teenagers are all placed in small groups where they receive the support, friendship, encouragement, and wisdom of those around them, but they’re also a part of giving those same things in return.

Our evening finished with the challenge of changing our perspective on authentic community by showing up open-handed and open-hearted, ready to pour into making the group for others what they want it to be for themselves.

Personally, I left Friday feeling incredibly encouraged and excited for the year to come. I hope our teenagers went home with the same feeling!

We'll be back at it THIS Friday (7-9 PM, Sept 22nd) where we'll continue this discussion!

Speaking of future events, we're looking forward to CREO Camp happening November 10-13 at Camp Stillwood! Registration will open in October, please keep an eye out for more information!

I deeply appreciate the messages received welcoming me here to Tenth and the feedback from what your teenagers experienced last Friday. Honoured to be on this journey with all!

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