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Here's your reminder: this Friday, August 25th is Nineties & Noodles Night, 7-9pm, for all our CREO youth. We would love our Tenth Parents and incoming CREO Parents to know that you are all invited to stay for a Parent Connect time! Everyone come to Entrance F, at our Mount Pleasant site parking lot, to find out where it's all happening this week. And ... that’s not all! 

Incoming grade 6 students, you are invited to your own special hour (before older students arrive!) NEW grade 6 parents can come after their early drop off for 6pm meet up with Graeme & Aisling ("Ash") to learn this year's CREO vision and plans! We’ll have tea, goodies & fun topics. Don't Miss It. 

All CREO students 7-9pm will be enjoying a 90’s movie, time to hangout and their instant noodles will remind some of them of awesome Weekend Away CREO Camp memories. Our new Grade 6 students will get time to create part of the event at 6pm, meet some of our CREO leaders, and connect with each other before our Septmeber Fall Launch.

If you have ANY questions— please reach out to Pastor Ais or Pastor Graeme!