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Virtual Central Crews Continue in February

We love making sure our Tenth students know they're loved, while also offering caution for those not ready to meet in person. To this end, most of our central crews will meet for CREO Central Friday Nights with Zoom options for February Fridays. This means we will continue to hold off on our in-person large group CREO gatherings for now as we wait for updates to health restrictions later this month.

Some Central Crews Still Meeting at MP

However, those crews that decided last month to meet for in-person small group fellowship will continue this option on Friday, Feb 4th & Feb 18th. We can call this a hybrid-of-our-hybrid! Students can expect CREO leaders to contact them and confirm if they're in the four groups meeting in-person. Of course, any students not feeling well are encouraged to take care and get well at home. If your student has not received information from a crew leader you can contact Aisling at

CREO Retreat/MP Weekend-Away 

The Creo Retreat on May 21-23 is an opportunity to gather for a life-changing weekend of worship, community, and fun in the great outdoors. ​This year, our Creo retreat will be at Rockridge Canyon alongside the Mount Pleasant Weekend Away. Creo youth from any of our Tenth sites are welcome to join us! The cost is $200 per student. Alternatively, students are welcome to join the East Van or Evening Tenth site retreats with their families. ​Check out all the details on our events page!  If you have questions, contact Earlene at

Register for Mount Pleasant Weekend-Away at​

We're Building Our Team

As we grow our youth ministries at our sites, it's an excellent time to grow our volunteer team! Did you know youth around the world are needing safe, caring adults who care about all the things they're carrying in these challenging years? You can be a part of a Tenth team that helps to provide that care in safe, fun, and meaningful ways! Or maybe you know someone we should talk to who'd be great at helping us in big or small ways. Be sure to let Aisling know!