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This Friday, CREO Central In-Person Looks a Little Different

We want to keep our Tenth CREO students safe and we take BC's health recommendations seriously, so we're doing this Friday's Central event a little bit differently. We want youth to (safely) stay connected with peers and caring CREW leaders, and the Mount Pleasant building will be open 7-9pm this Friday!

Meeting in Crews 

We'll have CREW leaders ready to meet youth in their small groups, rather than meeting all together in the gym and sanctuary. Come ready to talk about PURPOSE and the unique ways you can make a difference in the world—even during hard seasons! We'll have group leaders ready to lead their own games, discussion, and worship in separate meeting rooms. Stay tuned for more information from your leaders.

Zoom Options for Students 

Not ready to join in person? We want to accommodate families with different needs and want CREWS to have virtual options if your CREW leaders and peers decide to. We understand some groups may have vulnerable people they want to protect from health risks. And some groups may have a mix of in-person students and virtual students joining this Friday. We call that a WIN-WIN. 

Questions? You can contact Pastor Aisling about CREO Central!

CREO East Van Site: Aldrin continues to meet Sundays with East Van youth.

CREO Kits/Kerrisdale Site: Zack continues to meet Sundays & Thursdays with Kits youth.

CREO Mount Pleasant Site: Earlene continues to meet Sundays with MP youth. Stay tuned for more info on our MP Open House on February 6 with CREO & Tenth Kids pastors.

All Sites CREO families: Do you want to meet with Pastor Earlene & Pastor Aisling? You can connect on February 18th for an additional Open House with Tenth CREO parents from all our sites, 8-9pm, before in-person pick-up time. More information coming soon.